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NXT Back Supports—shaped to support your every move—has broadened its offering to include the NXT HA and NXT VC models.

Both backs utilize the same Quickfit™ mounting hardware that allows you to easily adjust the back with the client in the chair, one hand quick release for easy removal and both have a positioning cutout on the bottom of the back rest and low pelvic pivot providing for a natural sitting position.  Our hardware fits all 3 different sizes of tubing without the use of shims.

<insert pic of NXT hardware>

The HA back is height adjustable from 16-20” and adjusts very easily. Lateral contours range from 3.5”(AC) – 6”(PC) and the laterals can be bent in and out. The height adjustment feature on this back allows you to position the laterals where you need them making this model an excellent choice when seating pear-shaped clients.

<insert pic of NXT HA>

The NXT VC incorporates a Vicair back cushion inlay consisting of eight pockets that can individually adjusted for a custom fit. The NXT VC is ideal for tilt chairs, users with kyphotic postures or users with the potential of skin breakdown on their spine. Available in 16,18,and 20” widths and 16 and 20” heights.

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Click here for full NXT brochure and pricelist

The new Java Back by Ride Designs—installs and fits in less time than it takes to drink your half-caff-double-tall-non-fat-extra creamy latte!

The Java back is the simplest, fully adjustable back support on the market. The Java is bio mechanically designed to independently adjust pelvic support and truck balance and you can optimize either without affecting the other. It is available in two heights—regular and tall and a range of widths.

Click here for Java Back Brochure and RIDE pricelist September 2011


We are thrilled to offer a long pant, with Safehip’s original soft foam shells, as another style alternative for those clients who are at risk of falling and breaking their hip.

Other features:

  • Cotton/Poly blend for better breathability
  • Medium grey in colour
  • 2 front pockets, not too deep
  • Elastic waistband with integral waist string
  • A trim fit keeps the shield properly placed and closer to the body
  • SAFEHIP’s original soft foam shield.

Click here for SafeHip LongPant Brochure


Our classic undergarment is now available with our budget conscious original foam shells. Available in our two most popular styles– UNISEX and OPEN.

The first of the SAFEHIP soft shield hip protectors, this was a huge step from the original hard shields. This foam shield launched the patented Horseshoe shaped shield that has proven to be extremely effective in lab testing. The contoured shape and soft flexible foam make it comfortable to wear day and night. The hydrophobic fabric on the inside of the shield pocket ensures there is no moisture held between the body and the shield. Excellent protection.

click here for SafeHip Classic Briefs


In this package there are 3 pairs of briefs and one set of foam shields.

This is a new product for SAFEHIP® Canada. It is aimed specifically at the home customer and sold through home health care retail stores only– giving easy access to those in the community. At home, the user or user’s family is managing the laundry therefore it is not likely the shields will get lost between the laundry room and the client (which is the common problem with using removable shields in facilities).

Click here for SafeHip Home Care 3 pack

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